10 Brilliant Tech Hacks to Make Your Life Easier and More Efficient

Are you weary of employing technology in the same manner? Do you wish to advance your tech knowledge? Look nowhere else! We’ll reveal 10 crazy tech hacks with you in this blog article that will blow your mind and make you look like a tech whiz

Phone into Microscope

You can use your phone as a microscope, did you know about that? you just need a lens from laser pointer and a drop of water. Simply place the water drop on the lens, then cover your phone’s camera lens with it. You may now zoom in on anything, even insects and tiny text.

Laptop Stand

Make a laptop support out of a CD spindle. Want to avoid paying for a laptop stand? Instead, use an old CD spindle! Put your laptop on top and simply flip it over. By doing this, you may raise your screen to eye level and avoid neck pain.

Own Keyboard Shortcuts

Make your own keyboard shortcuts. Tired of repeatedly typing the same thing? Invent your own keyboard shortcut! Simply choose Keyboard from System Preferences on a Mac or Control Panel on a PC. Click the “+” button after selecting the Text tab. Write the replacement phrase first, followed by the shortcut you intend to employ.

Cables With a Binder Clip

As a cable organizer, use a binder clip. Tired of messy cables and cords? Binder clips can be used to keep things in order. Put the binder clip on the desk’s edge, then run the cords through the wire handles.

Fast Charging Trick

Faster phone charging Need to quickly charge your phone? Set the Aeroplan mode on! This will make your phone charge more quickly by preventing it from consuming power for data.

Clean Keyboard

Take a Post-it note and wipe your keyboard. Are you looking for a way to clean your keyboard without using compressed air? Instead, use a Post-it note! Simply run it between the keys after folding it in half. Any crumbs or dust will be captured by the glue.

Phone as TV Remote

Use your phone as a remote for your TV Have you misplaced the TV remote? Instead, use your smartphone! Use your phone as a universal remote by downloading an app like Peel Smart Remote.

Own Password Generator

Make a strong password. Wish to generate a reliable and safe password? Pick a sentence at random! Examples include “My dog ate my homework in 1995” and “Md@mHw95”.

Find your Phone

Find your missing phone using Google. Do you think you lost your phone? To find it, use Google! Simply enter “find my device” into the search box, and Google will display a map showing where your phone is!

Phone Into a Projector

Make a projector out of your phone You want to see a movie on a big screen, right? Make a projector out of your smartphone! Put your phone inside a box made of cardboard, then use a torch to project the image toward a wall.

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After learning these 10 insane tech hacks, you’ll never use technology the same way again. These hacks, which range from turning your phone into a microscope to creating a one of a kind keyboard shortcut, will make you appear to be a tech expert. So go ahead and utilize them!

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