13 Fun and Useful Alexa Commands You Might Not Know About

Welcome to the universe of Alexa, your own associate who is prepared to rearrange and work on your life. While many are familiar with using Alexa to play music or set alerts, she is able to do significantly more. We’ll look at 13 entertaining and practical Amazon Echo commands in this blog article that you might not be familiar with. Alexa is also called Amazon Echo. These instructions will not only amuse you but also make daily tasks easier & give you useful information. Prepare to maximize the capabilities of your Alexa device!

1) Tell me a joke

Ask Alexa for a joke to brighten up your day. Amazon Echo is sure to lift your spirits and put a grin on your face thanks to her extensive library of clever one-liners & puns.

2) Alexa, What’s the weather like in [city] right now?

Ask Alexa for a forecast in any location to stay on top of the weather. When deciding what to wear or planning a trip, Alexa can provide current weather information like temperature, humidity, & precipitation probability.

3) Set a sleep timer for [duration]

Do you like to listen audiobooks or music before bed? With this command, you can use Alexa to create a sleep timer. When the timer expires, Alexa will stop playing, enabling you to fall asleep worry-free.

4) Alexa, How’s the traffic?

You’re leaving for work or a meeting? Amazon Echo can guide you through traffic by offering real-time information and recommending detours, ensuring you arrive at your destination on schedule and avoiding pointless delays.

5) Say [phrase] in [language]

Use Alexa’s translation features to overcome linguistic obstacles. Whether you’re attempting to speak with somebody who communicates in an alternate language or are voyaging abroad, Amazon Echo can translate a word or expression for you in seconds!

6) Alexa, Tell me a bedtime story

With the help of Alexa’s storytelling abilities, relive the nostalgia of bedtime stories. Amazon Echo can narrate a variety of stories, from classics to brand-new adventures, which is perfect for kids or those who appreciate a good story and will help you relax and drift off to sleep peacefully.

7) Add [item] to my shopping list 

Never again overlook your shopping list. When you ask Alexa to add something to your shopping list, it will save it, and you can find it out on your Alexa phone app! It is available for your upcoming trip to the store.

8) Alexa, Tell me a random fact

Use the extensive library of random facts Amazon Echo has to broaden your knowledge. Alexa can provide intriguing and educational information on a variety of topics, from historical trivia to scientific discoveries, making you the talk of the party with your newly acquired knowledge.

9) Find my phone

Have you lost your phone? Alexa can help in an emergency. If you forgot where you put your phone, then you can ask Amazon Echo to find my phone. It will ring your phone if your phone is in silent mode, but for that you need to turn on Find My Device in your phone.

10) Alexa, the moment to set a reminder for [task]

Utilize Alexa to establish reminders so you never forget an important task and can stay organized. You may ask Amazon Echo to make a reminder for any event, and she will alert you at the appointed time, helping you remain on top of your schedule.

11) Play [game name] 

Are you bored and seeking entertainment? From word games and trivia quizzes to interactive adventures, Amazon Echo has a variety of games to keep you occupied. These games are perfect for the whole family or for individuals, and range in difficulty.

12) Alexa, Tell me the recipe for [dish] 

Want some cooking ideas? Alexa can provide detailed directions for a variety of recipes. You’ll get step-by-step instructions and tips for everything from quick weeknight dinners to fancy desserts, which will quickly turn you into a superb chef!

13) Tell me a sports fact

By asking Amazon Echo for a sports fact, sports fans may remain up to date with the most recent sports trivia. Improve your sports knowledge by learning intriguing insights, historic facts, and obscure details about your favourite teams and athletes.

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Congratulations! You now have 13 entertaining and practical Alexa commands at your disposal, that can improve your daily life. Amazon Echo can help you, whether you want to amuse visitors, maintain organisation, learn new things, or make duties simpler.

So go ahead and give these instructions a shot to maximiser the capabilities of your Amazon Echo device. Prepare yourself for a voice-powered experience that is more pleasurable and practical!

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