Assisting Students: How ChatGPT Simplifies Assignment Copying

Following its November 2022 release by OpenAI, ChatGPT immediately became well-known. A large portion of ChatGPT’s success can be attributed to its capacity to react human-like and finish activities that were previously thought to be human-only. With the correct set of instructions, the chatbot may not only produce essays and reports but also create music, poems, novels, and other creative works.

Students quickly devised a clever method to employ the chatbot to assist them in writing projects. Furthermore, only a small number of colleges, including New York University, initially forbade the usage of AI chatbots. But with time, the educational community became more receptive to ChatGPT.

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With the recent release that allows users to upload PDF files straight to ChatGPT, OpenAI may have just made it simpler for students to utilise the chatbot to copy homework. We are all aware of the inventive ways in which pupils might exploit this capability.

ChatGPT lets users upload PDF files

Users can now upload data files, PDF files, and other types of files to ChatGPT and have them examined, according to an Indian Express story. Unfortunately, ChatGPT Plus subscribers are the only ones who can access this function while it is presently in beta. Those who only want to discover odd facts about them and don’t want to read through lengthy publications may find this function helpful.

In February of this year, OpenAI introduced ChatGPT Plus, an upgraded version of the AI chatbot. The monthly subscription fee is USD 20, or roughly Rs 1,650. The benefits of ChatGPT Plus include “Faster Response Speed” and “Priority Access to New Features.”

Furthermore, users of ChatGPT Plus will be able to test out GPT-4, the next-generation LLM (long language model) that OpenAI introduced earlier this year.

About ChatGPT 4

The GPT 3.5 was superseded by the more potent ChatGPT 4, which was released in March of this year.

“We’ve created GPT-4, the latest milestone in OpenAI’s effort to scale up deep learning,” stated the company’s blog post announcing GPT-4. Although it can’t perform as well as people in many real-world situations, the GPT-4 multimodal model can accept image and text inputs and produce text. It performs at a level comparable to humans on a number of professional and academic standards.”

OpenAI published a series of tests that the chatbot has passed along with its results when introducing GPT-4. And the results were not too bad. For example, the language model achieved an 88 percentile on the LSAT and an 89 percentile on the SAT Math. Additionally, it achieved an 80th percentile on the GRE quantitative exam and a 99th and 54th percentile on the verbal and writing exams.

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