BGMI 2.5 Update: New Map, Features, and Enhanced Gameplay!

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), the popular battle royal game, has made a triumphant return to India after being banned for nearly a year. Developed by Krafton, the game now comes with exciting new features and a revamped gaming experience. In this blog entry, we’ll investigate the most recent 2.5 update of BGMI, including the presentation of another guide, dazzling in-game occasions, weapon overhauls, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The Arrival of Nusa: A Brand-New Map

BGMI’s 2.5 update introduces a captivating new map called Nusa. Located in a tropical zone, Nusa is a 1×1 resort island, making it the smallest map in the game. With a focus on offering a thrilling experience, each match on Nusa has a single match-time of eight minutes. Key highlights of the map include:

  • Innovative Mechanisms: Discover new mechanisms like Ziplines that enable players to traverse the island swiftly, and “Elevators” that can be installed in hotels in “New City.”
  • Super Recall: Enhanced Duo/Squad Mode: Introducing the “Super Recall” feature, where surviving teammates can recall a fallen player back into the battlefield carrying a random weapon. In solo mode, players can be recalled automatically without the need for a teammate’s assistance.

Weapon Upgrades and Exciting Additions

BGMI’s 2.5 update brings a variety of new weapons and enhancements to amplify gameplay. Some notable additions include:

  • Tactical Crossbow: Unleash your precision with the new Tactical Crossbow, offering a unique combat experience.
  • Fire Arrows and Loop Restoration: Players can now set houses ablaze using fire arrows and restore ziplines with a loop, adding tactical options to their strategies.
BGMI 2.5 Update: New Map, Features, and Enhanced Gameplay!

Improved Gaming Experience and Responsible Gaming Practices

Krafton emphasizes responsible gaming practices in BGMI’s latest update.

  • Here are several crucial elements: Those under the age of 18 are only permitted to play for three hours each day, while those over 18 are permitted to play for up to six Hours.
  • Parental Verification and Spending Limits: The game maintains parental verification and implements daily spending limits for minors.

In-Game Events and Classic Map Updates

In addition to the new map and gameplay enhancements, BGMI continues to offer exciting in-game events. Classic maps are also receiving updates to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.


The release of BGMI in India, along with the 2.5 update, has brought renewed excitement to gamers across the country. With the introduction of the Nusa map, innovative gameplay features, weapon upgrades, and responsible gaming practices.

BGMI offers an immersive experience for players. Stay tuned for more updates and events in this popular battle royal game.

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