ChatGPT Become Fastest Growing Platform in World

ChatGPT Become Fastest Growing Platfrom in World It Hit 100M(Million) User in Just 60Days!

In just two months, ChatGPT , a well-known artificial intelligence (AI) Chatbot, has received 100 million users. Chatbot has 13 million everyday clients in January 2023. Website has surpassed competitive social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, whose respective 100 million members’ targets reached 2.5 years and 9 months.

According to SimilarWeb data, during the past week, the website received an average of 25 million views per day. He further said that during the previous month, daily traffic on the website increased by an average of 3.4. According to the site, the most traffic is found on January 31, bringing 28 million visits from 15.7 million unique visitors.

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The current Internet Giants, such as Google, are concerned about its growth rate. As the result conference discussed the potential of AI and how eager everyone is to use it, Google CEO referred to the trend going through using ChatGPT’s reception for example. ChatGPT was introduced last year by Elon Musk-supported OpenAI. AI Chatbot has been trained to give full feedback that complies with Prompt’s instructions. Chatbot will respond to users’ inquiries once they enter them.

ChatGPT Becomes Fastest-Growing Platform In The World

Time it took to get 100 million users:

Netflix: 10 years
Gmail: 5 years
Twitter: 5 years
Facebook: 4.5 years
WhatsApp: 3.5 years
Instagram: 2.5 years
TikTok: 9 months
ChatGPT: 60 Days

Recently, it turned out that OpenAI will soon release ChatGPT Plus, a service that will be offered in the US only $ 20 per month. Services will be available for people with plus subscriptions during peak hours. These Plus subscribers will also have the first access to new features and will have a quick response time.

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