ChatGPT or Google Bard? 5 Reasons Why ChatGPT Comes Out on Top

With the release of Google Bard, the search giant’s answer to ChatGPT, the battle for AI chatbots has boiled over. How do these two cute internet people get along? We spent hours chatting with the two to find out.

ChatGPT and Google bard are practically comparative, with a white text box to enter your inquiry. They also rely on powerful natural language processing engines.But as we discovered in our hands-on Google Bard review, they’re also two very different AI beasts.

5 Benefits of ChatGPT over Google Bard

In this article we have discussed 5 advantages of ChatGPT over Google Bard. Read on to learn more about the advantages of ChatGPT over Google Bard.

ChatGPT is Better for Coding
One of ChatGPT’s most impressive features is its ability to generate code from natural language clues. For illustration, we have formerly seen it used to produce a Wordle contender called Sumplete, and the creative possibilities are endless. On the other hand,

ChatGPT is a long way from the ideal programming buddy, as we found while attempting to foster a game called Spasm Tac-Go. Whether you code in CSS, HTML, or JavaScript, a chatbot can fall down a rabbit hole that you need to bail it out of.

According to Google, Bard “is still learning to code, and code-answers aren’t officially supported at this time.” But that doesn’t stop him from trying; When we asked him to help us develop the Tic Tac Go game pictured above, he had a blast.

ChatGPT is a creative muse
Is it true or not that you are searching for a simulated intelligence collaborator to assist you with producing innovative thoughts or examine your work? This is another key advantage ChatGPT has over the more limited Google Bard.

We have several writers on the TechRadar team and they all have found ChatGPT to be a great partner to come up with new ideas based on short snippets or even reviews of their work.

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This is partly due to ChatGPT’s relatively generous input restrictions. For illustration, the free interpretation of ChatGPT can handle about 2,000 commemoratives( about,1500 words) at a time, while the paid Plus interpretation can handle about doubly that.

ChatGPT can also hold a conversation for much longer without losing context control. Each of this makes it an all the more useful asset for producing text, creating novel thoughts, composing verse, and in any event, composing screenplays.

ChatGPT is a great teacher
ChatGPT can be a great teacher when you need a complex topic that needs to be broken down into simple terms, for yourself or a child. While one should always beware of so-called hallucinations (when an AI chatbot seems cocky in the face of dubious claims), it far outperforms Google Bard in this respect.

If you ask the two AI chatbots, for example, “to explain to an eight-year-old what waves look like in the sea”, you will get very different answers. While Google Bard responds in short, jerky sentences, like a tired geography teacher yearning for retirement, ChatGPT responds in a more descriptive and engaging way.

ChatGPT gives you analogies like someone throwing a stone into a pond and stirring the water.It will also contain relevant information, in this case the influence of the moon and sun on our tides (something Google Bard missed).

Google Launches BARD AI Chatbot To Compete With ChatGPT

ChatGPT is Multilanguage
Google Bard can currently only chat in US English, although Google says they are “working on getting Bard to speak as many languages ​​as possible”. Another area where ChatGPT has an edge over its competitors is that it has been trained with data in dozens of languages, including English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, etc.

ChatGPT can text in these languages not only understand, but also generate. For example, you can ask him not only to write a short story of ChatGPT in French, but also to solve grammar puzzles that will surprise you.You might want to verify their accuracy, but Bard is unable to do so.

ChatGPT is just so much more… Fun
In our experience, ChatGPT has a much higher humor and fun limit than the more formal Google Bard.
It also appears to be more culture-aware than its competitor, Google, given its background.

Meanwhile, Google embarrassed Bard by not recognizing the character, resulting in a boring credits scene that would have been too safe for Nickelodeon. It’s the same story when you ask him to write you a bedtime story or some unusual song lyrics – ChatGPT is just a lot more creative these days.

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