ChatGPT Paid Version is Available for some user

The paid version of ChatGPT is available to some early users every month in $42: Learn more AI Research Institute OpenAI has said it will soon monetize its ChatGPT platform, After seeing his AI chatboat a tremendous response that can also write poems, essays, emails and codes. Microsoft is planning to drop US $ 10 billion in OpenAI which will cost about $29 billion.

Some ChatGPT users posted on social media that they have been given access to the “ChatGPT Professional or paid ” version, which costs USD 42 per month.

OpenAI, an AI company owned by Microsoft has developed a sensational chatboat and has yet to confirm the price.

AI developer Zahid Khwaja posted a screenshot of chatGPT pricing, showing $42 per month. He said the paid system responds faster than the free version.

However, one more Twitter client posted that “I needed to pay a great deal for an arrangement yet 42$ is very much.

AI research institute OpenAI has said it will soon monetize its ChatGPT platform, after seeing its AI chatboat a tremendous response which poems, essays, Emails and codes can also be written.

Chat GPT Paid Version is Available 42 per month for some user

Microsoft-owned company said it was “starting to think about how to monetize ChatGPT as a way to ensure long-term viability.”

“Working on the professional version of chatGPT; will provide high limitations and rapid performance,” said Greg Brockman, president and co-founder of OpenAI.

ChatGPT last reported more than a million users. ChatGPT Professional will always be available ( No Blackout Window ), Quick Residues from chatGPT ( No Throttling ) and messages as much as you need.

“In the event that you decide, we will reach you to set the installment cycle and the pilot.¬†Please keep in mind that this is an initial experimental program that is subject to change, and we do not make paid pro access available in general. At the moment, the company said.

Meanwhile, reports have been found that Microsoft is planning to drop $ 10 billion in OpenAI which will value the company about $29 billion.

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