Destiny 2 Crota’s End Master Mode Delayed Due to Glitch

Hey there, Guardians! We’ve got some news from the world of Destiny 2 that might interest you. The highly anticipated Master Mode for the Crota’s End raid was supposed to drop with the weekly reset, but it’s been delayed. Why, you ask? Well, there’s a pesky bug causing trouble in the game.

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The Unusual Bug: Short-Lived, Yet Impactful

Now, this bug is a bit different from the usual Destiny 2 glitches we see. It’s not the kind that sticks around for ages. But, oh boy, it sure made some waves while it lasted. You see, it messed with your weapons in amazing ways, giving them very high power. Players were having a blast with these overpowered weapons, and Bungie, the folks behind the game, had to step in.

Bungie’s Response: A Temporary Fix and Mixed Player Reactions

Bungie did take some action to fix things. They stopped certain perks and Legendary frames from being mixed up with the wrong guns. But, guess what? The bug is still out there, and new wacky weapon combos keep popping up.

Community Split: To Use or Not to Use?

This glitch only hung around for a few days, but it had Destiny 2 players divided. “Hey, let’s use these unpredictable weapons to crush those tough raids and dungeons!” some said. Others said, “Nah, that’s not cool.” Bungie on the other hand, stated that they would neither turn back the game or redlist anyone. They even told players to have some fun with it. But, they did yank a sweet handcannon called Igneous Hammer out of Trials of Osiris loot because PvP got a bit wild with all these glitched guns.

The Latest Update: Aiming for a Permanent Fix

So, what’s the latest? Well, on September 18, Bungie dropped an update that fixed most of the glitch. But crafty players found new ways to supercharge shotguns, especially up close and personal. So, Bungie tweeted from their Bungie Help account that the Crota’s End raid’s Master Mode and the Checkmate Control thing for Crucible Labs are on hold for now. They’re aiming to get these out by September 21, so they must be close to squashing the bug for good.

Essence of the Oversoul: A Crucial Component

In the same tweet, they mentioned a delay for Update, which was supposed to make it easier to get something called Essence of the Oversoul. This stuff is important for the Crota’s End raid and helps you snag weapon called Necrochasm. The update will boost the drop rate for Essence and make sure you get the 35 you need for the Necrochasm and its catalyst.

Community Concerns and Bungie’s Commitment

Now, while this bug brought a lot of action to Destiny 2, it’s been causing some problems in the seasonal content plans. Some players aren’t too sure about Bungie’s decision not to roll things back. However, Bungie claims that they are working hard to resolve the underlying issues that are creating this malfunction and will keep us updated along the way.

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