Google Launches BARD AI Chatbot To Compete With ChatGPT

Google introduced BARD, an AI chatbot designed to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft’s chatbot on their Bing search engine. In a blog post, Google describes Bard as one of the first AI experiments to increase productivity, accelerate ideas, and spark curiosity.

You can use the BARD for advice, clarification, or creative help with tasks such as drafting a blog post. With BARD, Google intends to strengthen its presence in the AI ​​chatbot space while maintaining its dominance in the search engine market.

BARD Technical Details

BARD is based on the Large Language Research Model (LLM), a simplified and optimized version of LaMDA.

Will be refreshed with further developed models after some time. The more people complete an LLM, the better they can anticipate helpful answers. BARD is a service that integrates the Google search engine and allows users to check answers or consult sources on the Internet.

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Operated as a standalone website, BARD consists of a single question box rather than being integrated with the Google search engine. This strategic decision involves the introduction of new artificial intelligence technologies while maintaining the profitability of the search engine business.

Cautious Deployment Amid Unpredictability Concerns

Google’s cautious approach to BARD release addresses concerns about unpredictable and sometimes unreliable chatbot technology, as demonstrated by competitors.

Google recognizes that LLMs can sometimes generate distorted, misleading, or incorrect information. To mitigate these issues, Google allows you to select multiple BARD draft responses. You can continue working with BARD by asking additional questions or requesting alternative answers.

Google Launches BARD AI Chatbot To Compete ChatGPT4

Google’s race to ship AI products

Since OpenAI’s release of ChatGPT and Microsoft’s introduction of chatbot technology to Bing, Google has made artificial intelligence its top priority.

In-house business teams, including AI security researchers, are working together to accelerate approval of a range of new AI products. Google’s work on BARD is based on the principles of artificial intelligence, with an emphasis on quality and security.

The company uses people’s opinions and ratings to improve its systems.To keep the interactions useful and relevant, protective barriers like limiting the number of dialogues were put in place.

In development since 2015

Google has been fostering the innovation behind Troubadour beginning around 2015.

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However, like OpenAI and Microsoft’s chatbots, BARD has not been released due to concerns about generating unreliable information and potential bias against some groups. Google is aware of these issues and is committed to bringing BARD to market responsibly.

BARD Availability

You can sign up at to try BARD. Access is initially available in the US and UK, with plans to expand to additional countries and languages ​​over time. You can bypass the limited distribution by using a VPN.

Google requires users to have a Gmail address when signing up and does not accept Google Workspace email accounts.

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