Google’s Unknown Tracker Alerts Feature for Android

Google recently announced a new security feature called “Unknown Tracker Alerts” during its developer conference, Google I/O. This functionality intends to notify Android users when an unknown Bluetooth device is discovered in their vicinity. The warnings are especially useful in spotting possible stalkers who may be employing devices such as Apple AirTags or other Bluetooth tracking devices with harmful intentions.

Bluetooth monitoring has sparked controversy due to reports of stalking and illicit operations such as tracking automobiles for theft. In response to these concerns, Apple took steps to address the privacy concerns raised by AirTags by introducing new warnings and notifications. These adjustments, however, did not directly help Android users.

In May, Apple and Google revealed their desire to produce an industry-wide specification to combat invasive Bluetooth device tracking. As a result of this user safety collaboration, Google took the initiative to create a exclusive solution to protect Android users. Apple, on the other hand, chose to wait for the joint specification before releasing its own bespoke implementation.

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Feature Of Unknown Tracker Alerts

With the new Unknown Tracker Alerts function, Android users will receive notifications whenever an unknown tracker is spotted near them and is separated from its owner. Users can view a map of the tracker’s movement when it was with them by tapping on the notice.

Android users will be able to make the tracker produce a sound to assist them in locating the device. When the device is located, users can bring it close to the rear of their phone to gain access to extra information. When placed close to a phone, some devices may communicate their serial number or extra information such as the last four digits of their phone number.

The function also instructs users on how to totally stop the Bluetooth device . Stops the owner from tracking them and getting updates from the tracker in the future.

If an Android user suspects a Bluetooth tracker is nearby, they can manually scan their surroundings. To begin the manual scan Go to Android’s Settings then pick Safety & Emergency then Unknown tracker alerts and then press the Scan Now option.

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