How to Lock Individual Chat in WhatsApp?

A recent update to WhatsApp gives users the option to lock specific chats with a password or biometric identification. Users of WhatsApp will be able to improve the security of their messages and protect their privacy thanks to this feature, especially if they are having private or secret discussions that they do not want others to overhear.

Users can move a discussion into a different folder that is only accessible with their device’s password or biometric identification, such as a fingerprint, using WhatsApp’s new “Chat Lock” feature. The function automatically conceals the conversation’s contents in notifications when a chat is locked.

Let’s look at how to use WhatsApp’s new Chat Lock privacy feature.

  • Download or upgrade WhatsApp to learn how to use the chat lock feature. Make sure WhatsApp is installed on your Android or iOS smartphone in the most recent version. The corresponding app stores are where you can get the app.
  • Go to the chat you want to lock: Navigate to the individual chat that you wish to lock in WhatsApp.
  • Click on the person’s or the group’s profile photo: Once in the conversation, click on the contact or group’s profile image to access more choices.
  • Choose “Chat Lock”: Scroll down until you find a disappearing message, and below the disappearing message their is a new option called Chat Lock. Tap on it!
  • Activate chat lock and authenticate:. When you tap “Chat Lock,” you’ll be asked to turn it on. You’ll need to authenticate using your phone password or biometrics (if available) after you enable it.

How to accessed WhatsApp’s locked chats?

  • Go to your home page in WhatsApp: When you launch WhatsApp, the home page displays all of your chats.
  • Swipe down to access all locked chats: To access all locked chats, swipe down on the screen. You will see all of the WhatsApp chats that you have locked.

  • To access a locked chat, tap on it: Tap on the chat you wish to join to access it.

  • Authenticate to unlock the conversation: To unlock the chat, you will need to enter your phone password or biometrics (if available).

Notably, once chat lock is enabled, all chat messages are buried until the chat is unlocked. By doing the same steps for each chat separately, you can enable chat lock for many chats on WhatsApp.

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Additionally, WhatsApp has stated that it will be introducing more conversation lock settings in the future, including locking for companion devices and generating a unique conversation password.

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