CHATGPT has been one of the most talked about words in the tech community since its inception. Users have used it to write novels, compose poetry, do homework, plan routes, and more . With Siri integration, users can easily access ChatGPT’s capabilities through voice commands on their Apple devices. In this article, we shared the process of integrating a chatbot as an alternative to Apple’s voice assistant.

The process works on iPhone, iPad and Mac Once you have it, create an account on the OpenAI website.Once the process is complete, you need to generate an API key . To do this, go to the main menu using the button in the upper right corner. Click on your profile picture, then click View API Key. Here you have the option to create a new key.

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After you create a new API key, copy it and keep it for later use. Now search for Yue Yang Github in your browser and search ChatGPT-Siri 1.2 and click on it. After launching the shortcut app, select Set up link and paste your API key. Click on Add Link and you’re all set. Have a go at saying “Hey Siri, ChatGPT 1.2” and saying the artificial intelligence [AI] model beginnings tuning in. Here Is the Link

If you use the existing chatbot in “ChatGPT 1.2” Open the Shortcuts app, long-press the shortcut you want and press Rename, mention iMore.

Thanks to the ecosystem, the shortcut will be synced across all eligible Apple devices. After following these steps, you can You search the chatbot to answer questions like you would with Siri. Although the AI ​​service is not a stable version, it can perform a variety of tasks in a more understandable and readable format compared to Siri. Currently there is probably no way to integrate ChatGPT instead of the voice assistant on the Android smartphone.

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Since its launch, ChatGPT OpenAI has been integrated on various technological platforms. Popular tech giant Microsoft has used ChatGPT’s core technology to power its Bing search engine.