Jitendra Kumar’s Grand Return: Panchayat 3 First Look Sparks Release Date Frenzy!

On Saturday, fans were treated to the first glimpse of actor Jitendra Kumar as Abhishek Tripathi from the upcoming third season of the beloved series Panchayat on Amazon Prime Video.

Teaser Unveiled

The OTT behemoth utilized social media to debut the initial look at the program. Jitendra Kumar, portraying the Panchayat Secretary, is featured in a photo riding a motorcycle while carrying goods. The question lingers: is Abhishek Tripathi contemplating leaving the Phulera community?

Character Ensemble

A second image in the tweet showcases various characters from the show seated on a bench. Among them are Durgesh Kumar’s Banrakas, Ashok Pathak’s Vinod, and Bulloo Kumar’s Madhav. A poignant quote on the wall behind them reads, “Thokar lagti hai to dard hota hai, tabhi manushya seekh pata hai” (Mistakes may cause you pain, but you grow from them).

Caption from Prime Video
“We know the wait is unbearable, so we got you a lil something from the sets!” – this caption accompanied the images on Prime Video’s official Instagram account, hinting at the much-anticipated Season 3 of #PanchayatOnPrime. However, the release date remains undisclosed by the creators.

Neena Gupta’s Farewell:
In November, Neena Gupta, known for her role as Manju Devi, shared a video from the series finale celebration. Joined by her on-screen spouse, seasoned actor Raghubir Yadav, the caption reads, “Wrap up of the third season of Panchayat,” adding an emotional touch to the farewell.

Awards and Recognition

At the recently held 54th International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Panchayat’s second season secured the prestigious Best Web Series (OTT) Award. Panchayat 2 made history as the inaugural series to win this newly introduced category at the festival.

Series Overview:
The show follows the journey of an engineering graduate facing employment rejections, leading him to work as a Panchayat Secretary in the fictional village of Phulera, Uttar Pradesh. The first season debuted on Prime Video in April 2020, garnering immediate praise, especially during the Covid shutdown.

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