Bad news for Netflix uesrs

No more password sharing from next year

If you are sharing your Netflix password with you friends and colleagues then there is a bad news for users. The wall street journal from 2023 . Netflix Users will be not able to share there password except their household.

When the Netflix was Lunch the password Sharing problem issued has started but Netflix don’t take that issue as long. But after the lunch in 10 years of Netflix issued become big.
Netflix had decided from 2023 it will not able to share that password with their friends and colleagues. The other person will need to pay the fees for Netflix account.

As soon as the Netflix will soon disable the password sharing with fridge and colleagues. The Netflix had a big loss became of password Netflix is trying new ways to increase their subscribers.

According to reports, Netflix will before long debilitate the choice to impart passwords to anybody outside the family. Fully intent on getting serious about free secret phrase sharing, Netflix might begin charging per head. It essentially implies, on the off chance that you share your Netflix secret word with anybody outside your family, the individual should pay an expense to utilize the profile. In this way, it will be basically impossible that one will utilize their companion’s Netflix profile without paying

In India, Netflix offers four plans – mobile-only plan, introductory plan, standard plan, and decoration plan. The mobile-only plan comes at a price of Rs 149, while the introductory, standard, and decoration plans are priced at Rs 199, Rs 499, and Rs 649, independently.

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