Shark Tank India:This Turkish Ice Cream Startup Founders Walked Off A Lucrative Deal

Shark Tank India:This Turkish Ice Cream Startup Founders Walked Off A Lucrative Deal, Here Why?

Manmeet Singh Batra (23) and Kunwarpreet Singh Juneja (24) pitched their Turkish ice cream firm Twisting Scoops in yet another fast-paced episode of Shark Tank India Season 2. After spending time in Turkey studying under the greatest in the business, the pair launched the brand in 2016. Desis have always aimed to emulate the eccentricity of a Turkish ice cream vendor tease the drooling clients while maintaining the same quality of the frozen delicacy. Turkish Ice Cream prepared from goat’s milk is available through Juneja and Batra’s firm. According to the owners, Twisting Scoops is Asia’s largest chain of Turkish ice cream shops. How did the adventure for Bachpan Ke Langotiya Yaars begin, then?

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When Kunwarpreet and Manmeet made the decision to travel to Turkey, they were 17 and 18, respectively. At the time, they were studying textile design. The Turkish holiday and the Turkish ice cream, which everyone gushed over, were both wonderful. This is it, the two agreed. And this was their first business endeavor. Twisting Scoops opened its initial location in Chandigarh and now has shops all throughout India. All 72 of the brand’s locations receive their merchandise from a manufacturer in Delhi. The company serves various Turkish treats like Baklava, Turkish Coffee, Kunafa, and Falafel in addition to 45 types of ice cream. The brand generates sales of between Rs 2.5 and Rs 2.75 crore each month, according to the owners.

While Amit Jain and Namita Thapar dropped out of the transaction, the Sharks were quite satisfied. Peyush Bansal offered Rs. 50 lakh in loan and stock, while Aman Gupta also contributed, valuing the company at Rs. 5 crores. The founders were encouraged not to accept the offers by Amit Jain and Anupam Mittal, nevertheless. Manmeet and Kunwarpreet left after declining the offer. Most likely, it was simply the way they served the ice cream. with a touch of Turkish.

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