With the OnePlus Pad, the company, known for its cutting-edge smartphones, is growing its ecosystem. The OnePlus Pad was created to compete with Apple’s hegemony in the tablet market. It combines high-end functionality with a reasonable price. OnePlus Pad’s design, display, performance, software, battery life, camera capabilities will all be covered in this in-depth review. Join us as we explore this exciting Android tablet’s potential and assess its ability to compete with more seasoned competitors.

Display and Design

The 11-inch display on the OnePlus Pad strikes a compromise between portability and screen size. It is still manageable for everyday use at 552 grammes. The tablet’s strong metal construction demonstrates OnePlus’ dedication to quality and endurance. Although the green finish gives it a distinctive touch, customers looking for other color options might be dissatisfied.

The AI-powered upgrades complement the IPS display’s bright images. It may not be able to compete with expensive OLED or AMOLED panels, but it still performs admirably. It helped along by a strong audio setup and support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

Software and Performance

The MediaTek Dimensity 9000 SoC, coupled with either 8 GB or 12 GB of RAM. The OnePlus Pad, ensuring a responsive and effective user experience. The tablet’s OxygenOS OS, which is based on Android 13, offers a simple user interface. It’s integrates well-known OnePlus features like the shelf and game booster mode.

The split-screen gesture improves multitasking abilities by enabling users to easily switch between several apps. The tablet can access 5G speeds by using a smartphone’s hotspot while without cellular coverage. To further the adaptability of the tablet, OnePlus also provides add-ons like the magnetic keyboard and Stylo stylus.

Cameras, battery life, and accessories

The OnePlus Pad has a huge 9510mAh battery that allows for prolonged use between charges. The tablet can meet your needs, whether you are browsing, streaming, or playing games. The dual camera system, which includes an 8MP front camera and a 13MP rear camera, provides adequate imaging performance for casual photography and video calls. Additionally, OnePlus has released accessories to improve the functionality of the tablet.

The magnetic keyboard boosts convenience and productivity with its faux-leather surface, sensitive keys, and trackpad. Additionally, to support doodlers and content creators, the OnePlus Stylo stylus provides lag-free performance. The stylus feedback, however, might be too smooth for some users, which could compromise precision. It’s important to note that inexpensive Apple iPads have similar restrictions.


With the OnePlus Pad, OnePlus joins the Android tablet market with the intention of challenging Apple’s iPads. OnePlus Pad is an alluring alternative for customers looking for an economical yet feature-rich tablet experience. Thanks to its superior appearance, brilliant display, dependable performance, and optional accessories.

The OnePlus Pad highlights the company’s dedication to providing a compelling user experience, even though it may not compare to the flawless integration offered in Apple’s ecosystem. The OnePlus Pad is a showcase for the company’s capacity to develop beyond smartphones, from its svelte design and sensitive display to its potent performance and purchasable accessories.

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The OnePlus Pad’s potential in the Android tablet market will be fully assessed when we continue to examine the tablet’s features in our entire review, which also includes assessments of battery life, camera performance, and overall user experience.