Threads Hit 10 Million User: New Power Player in Social Media

Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, two of the richest individuals in the world, have been engaged in a public feud for years. This conflict has now spread to social media, where Meta’s Threads have been introduced.

10 million users joined Threads, touted as Twitter’s most formidable rival, in the first few hours following its introduction on July 6. Users will need an Instagram account to use Threads app. The app will provide the opportunity to import bio data and followers from an existing Instagram profile when creating a profile. Due to access to Instagram’s substantial existing user base, this will benefit Threads.

How long did it take for the biggest social media platforms to reach 1 million users?

Twitter 2 years

When compared to the majority of other platforms, Threads’ growth is amazing, but particularly so when compared to Twitter, which is a direct competitor. Statista data show that after the service’s inception in July 2006, it took Twitter almost two years to reach a million members in 2008.

Facebook: 10 Months

Facebook, which is essentially the originator of threads, claims to have one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. Just 10 months after Zuckerberg launched it in his Harvard University bedroom, his first creation, which debuted in 2004, hit the million-user mark.

Instagram: 2.5 months

It only took Instagram, which debuted in October 2010, two and a half months to reach its millionth download. Instagram is currently a part of Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta empire. The photo-sharing app was still an independent company when it attracted a million users. For $1 billion, Facebook acquired the platform in 2012.

Netflix: 3.5 years

It took the industry titan 3.5 years to reach the historic amount. Many analysts agree that Netflix was a revolutionary idea. It debuted seven years before Twitter, in 1999.

Spotify: 5 Months

Spotify was a pioneer in streaming, much like Netflix. After five months since its March 2009 inception, Spotify has reached one million users.

ChatGPT: 5-day  

When it comes to quickly reaching a million subscribers, ChatGPT is Threads’ main competitor. Five days after its introduction, the AI chatbot hit the milestone of one million downloads.

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