Truecaller’s New AI-Powered Assistant Will Answer Your Calls

In 2022, Truecaller’s introduced its AI-powered call-screening service for iOS and Android. The launch, however, was limited to Australia and the United States. This has now arrived in India. Continue reading to learn more.

Truecaller’s AI-powered call screening is now available!

Truecaller has formally released its AI-powered Call Screening Assistant In India, which is trial-available for 14 days. Following that, this function will be included in the Truecaller Premium Assistant subscription plan. Which will cost Rs 99 per month (for the first month) and Rs 149 per month after that.

Truecaller’s own AI algorithm is used by the assistant to allow voice-to-text technology. The assistant will not only answer the phone for you, but will actually communicate with the person on the other end!

With this function enabled, you can have the AI assistant receive a call in real time and transcribe its contents for you. You will also receive on-screen tappable action buttons that will allow you to help the assistant interact more effectively by employing pre-programmed triggers. Not only that, but you may even record your own greetings for when you are unavailable to answer calls. You will be able to choose between various assistant voices and languages. It supports over 100 languages, including regional languages such as Hindi.

Truecaller's New AI-Powered Assistant Will Answer Your Calls

This function is really helpful, especially since that spam calls are on the rise. This AI assistant, when combined with the recently released call recording capability and its long-standing Caller ID recognition facility, will undoubtedly help us obtain some respite from spam calls.

However, the Call Screening feature is still not available for iOS, and it is unclear when it will be.

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