WhatsApp: Send HD quality photos!

This year, the instant messaging network WhatsApp introduced a slew of new features. The most recent addition is the HD quality photo feature. With the release of the new feature, WhatsApp users will be able to send HD photographs to their friends, which was one of the most anticipated additions. Previously, WhatsApp compressed photographs shared over the messaging network, but with the introduction of the new function, users will be able to exchange photos in HD quality.

It should be mentioned that the feature has been formally launched, but the rollout will begin shortly. This means that if you can’t see the HD quality selection, you’ll have to wait a little longer. The HD-quality photo sharing tool should be available shortly for both Android and iPhone users. Users will simply need to go to the Play Store and upgrade the messaging app once the feature is launched. According to the firm, “HD Photos” will be available “globally over the next few weeks.”

With the introduction of this new function, WhatsApp users will have two options for sharing photos: standard and HD resolution. WhatsApp noted in its announcement of the functionality, “To ensure that sharing photos over WhatsApp remains fast and reliable, Standard Quality will continue to be the default option photos are sent in.”

Furthermore, WhatsApp has stated that HD Video features will be available soon. But first, let’s see how to send HD-quality photographs to friends and family on WhatsApp.

To Send HD Photos Follow This Steps:

1) When the feature is released, you must upgrade the app via the Google Play and Apple App stores.

2) Launch the WhatsApp app and select the chat in which you want to share HD photographs.

3) Select the attachment option, and you’ll see two options: Standard Photos and HD Photos.

4) To send HD Photos, select the second choice, HD quality (2000×3000).

5) Click Send, and your recipient will receive the photo in high definition.

WhatsApp also stated that “if you receive a photo when you have low bandwidth connectivity, you can choose on a photo-by-photo basis whether to keep the standard version or upgrade it to HD.”

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