WhatsApp users can now transfer chats between phones by scanning a QR code.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, recently unveiled an upcoming feature that promises to revolutionize the way users transfer WhatsApp conversations and heavy attachments between devices running the same operating system. For instance, you will be able to change from one iPhone to another iPhone by merely scanning a WhatsApp QR code. On Android phones, you may transfer your conversation history in a matter of minutes as well.

Effortless Conversation Transfer

By just scanning a QR code on your old phone with your new one, this revolutionary conversation transfer option avoids the need for online backups. WhatsApp promises users that data is transferred completely encrypted and shared only between the two devices.

This new procedure has the potential to be substantially quicker and simpler than the present cloud-based substitute. Previously, users had to download their conversation history onto the new device after backing it up to iCloud or Google Drive. Cloud storage, like the 5GB limit for free iCloud accounts, frequently places restrictions on this strategy. These inconveniences are removed with the new conversation transfer functionality, giving consumers a smooth experience.

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It’s vital to remember that this functionality only functions across devices with the same operating system. Therefore it only supports transfers from iOS devices to iOS devices or from Android smartphones to Android devices. Depending on the operating system you want to move your data to, there are subtle differences in the process if you want to move your conversation history between them. Both an iPhone to Android transfer and an Android to iPhone transfer help page are available on WhatsApp.

Although WhatsApp does not provide a specific release date for this feature, sources from WABetaInfo indicate that it has been progressively trickling out to beta testers on both the Android and iOS platforms. This suggests that the functionality will soon be widely available, along with the formal announcement. Users may use the chat transfer option by going to Settings, Chats, and choosing “Chat transfer” on their old smartphone once it is available.

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With this future functionality, WhatsApp hopes to improve user comfort and speed up the switching between phones while maintaining the privacy of user information. The new chat transfer feature will offer a quicker and more effective way for customers to easily move their WhatsApp chats and files to their new devices by doing away with the requirement for cloud backups and using a secure QR code scan. Watch for its formal release as it is expected to completely change how data is transferred inside the WhatsApp ecosystem.

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