WhatsApp adds the ability to lock its messaging app using a passcode, fingerprint, or Face ID to give users more privacy options. If you find this inconvenient, you’re in luck. WhatsApp is expanding on this functionality and will soon allow you to lock specific chats rather than the entire app.

Lock WhatsApp Chats with Fingerprint or Password

WhatsApp Chats can be locked using a fingerprint or a passcode. WhatsApp is working on a new “Chat lock” feature, as discovered by reputable WhatsApp tipster WABetaInfo in the current Android beta release. As the name implies, this tool will assist you in keeping your confidential chats “locked and concealed” from prying eyes. According to the feature description in the screenshot below, you will be able to open closed chats and see alerts using your fingerprint or a passcode.

Furthermore, these encrypted talks, like archived chats in WhatsApp. It will be transferred to a different section and accessible through the same. The screenshot on the right shows this separate “Locked chats” section. This function will be available for both individual and group discussions. It will conceal not just your communications but also your media items. Images, movies, or audio sent in encrypted chats will not be automatically kept in the device gallery, further protecting your privacy.

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Furthermore, WABetaInfo notices an oddity with WhatsApp’s “Chat Lock” feature. “n the event that somebody attempts to get to your telephone without giving right confirmation, they will be provoked to clear the talk prior to opening it,” they say. That means you can lose your chat history if someone tries to aggressively breach your restricted chat. Please keep in mind that this feature is not yet live; it is only available in beta builds. This feature is currently being worked on. However it should be available for testing on WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS very soon.

Furthermore, the messaging behemoth is hard at work building further privacy measures. WhatsApp intends to introduce features such as ephemeral audio messages comprehensive admin controls for groups, and more. Would you, however, continue lock the entire WhatsApp app or individual chats if this feature is available?