You’ll Go Crazy for WhatsApp With These 5 Insane ChatGPT Chatbots

Looking for ways to make your WhatsApp conversations more engaging and effective? Don’t look any further than ChatGPT. Now you don’t need to wait when the server of ChatGPT is down. Because ChatGPT bots are now available on WhatsApp.

In this article, we’ll look at the top 5 amazing and crazy ways to use ChatGPT chatbots on WhatsApp for free. This bot are same as ChatGPT but in WhatsApp which help to feel you like you are chatting with your friends!.

5 Insane ChatGPT Chatbots for WhatsApp


The BuddyGPT chatbot provides a simple and useful method for utilizing ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence capabilities on WhatsApp. With BuddyGPT, you can ask a variety of questions, including how to use ChatGPT as a personal assistant. Furthermore, voice commands can now be used to reach BuddyGPT.

Roger da Vinci

Could it be said that you are looking for an AI friend on WhatsApp and Wire who can respond to all of your inquiries? Look no further than Roger, the ultimate AI device for creating content and participating in regular discussions. Roger is allowed to use it.


Say goodbye to muddled connection points and gain access to all the powerful components of ChatGPT with a simple WhatsApp message. Clients can easily seek clarification on pressing issues, gather data, or participate in a casual discussion. Thanks to Wiz simulated intelligence, a creative chatbot for WhatsApp.

Jinni AI

Meet Jinni, your ultimate hyperintelligent collaborator who works well in both instructional and professional settings. Without a doubt, Jinni can provide you with a variety of simulated intelligence-fueled highlights to help you with your work or study. Simply tap the “Send WhatsApp” button, and your WhatsApp will open, allowing you to quickly and effectively communicate with Jinni.

Shmooz AI

Unlock the full potential of artificial intelligence innovation with this cutting-edge WhatsApp bot! Experience a higher level of correspondence with this fantastic asset, which incorporates elements like a customized artificial intelligence experience, picture creation capacities, consistent correspondence, and even Google search joining.

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