5 Best Alternative of ChatGPT

There are many alterative of ChatGPT but they are not working properly like ChatGPT. So today we will see 5 best Alternative of ChatGPT. Unless you live under the rock, you must have seen how explosively popular chatGPT is on the internet. This chatbot is based on OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model, which allows users to communicate with AI by inserting signals. But, ChatGPT servers have recently, not more often, overloaded with users. This has stopped users from using this extremely useful and interesting AI butt. If you are one of those who cannot access ChatGPT or try other similar services, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we have listed a variety of ChatGPT options that you should try. So without further delay, open the extra tabs on your browser and let’s chat with some AI.
While we mentioned some tools just like ChatGPT, we have also included other similar AI tools that you will find interesting. Use the table below to check the tools you are interested in.

Here are the list of Alternative of ChatGPT

  • Chatsonic
  • Jasper Chat
  • Character AI
  • Youchat
  • OpenAi Playground

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1. Chatsonic

Chatsonic is one of the new and most elaborate ChatGPT or in simple word you can say Alternative of ChatGPT. It is built at the top of ChatGPT, and therefore, inherits its huge potential. However, this AI chatboat is supported by more features and extensive knowledge as it can access the Internet, which previous people still can’t.

The ability to output answers using Internet results gives Chatsonic the ability to disperse the correct information, which makes it a little less likely to make mistakes. AI Chatboat also remembers the conversations and draws on them to continue the flow. If you feel like communicating with different people it also comes with 16 different individualities from the accountant to the poet.

Unlike ChatGPT, you can also talk to AI using your microphone ( such as Google Assistant and Siri ), and if you choose it can answer in a voice. And once you complete the conversation, you can also choose to share answers through links or Word/PDF documents. My general experience with WhatSonic was positive, and I thought it could present better information than ChatGPT because of its internet access and the latest information.

In addition to the text, the shatsonic also has a built-in image generator that creates the right images from the prompt you give. When the boat is not free, it gives you 25 free payers every day, a post you can use your rightsonic word balance to create more images. If you want more, check out the long-form plan that starts as low as $ 12.67 per month. Moreover, you can use this impressive ChatGPT option using its browser extension and Android app.

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2. Jasper chat

Jasper has been in the AI Content Generation business for some time now and has been well accepted among users. However, with the exception of its content generation facilities and other services, Jasper also has a relatively new chatboat. The Jasper Chat is properly named, this is also based on the ChatGPT Alternative GPT 3.5, in more language models, and OpenAI as its partner. However, unlike ChatGPT, which anyone can use effectively, JasperChat is created for advertising, marketing and such businesses.

However, anyone looking for AI chatboats like ChatGPT can easily use Jasper Chat. As per the organization, Jasper Talk has gained from billions of articles and different snippets of data before mid-2021 out of 29 dialects. So while it may not include the most recent information, it can still catch a medium to complex conversation. There is also a convenient tug to include Google search data that gives it more power.

During my time with Jasper Chat, he proved to be a good chat mate because I asked Chatboat various puzzles, wrote him videotapes, tell me jokes and even twister the tongue. I also tried one or two copies of the ad, and did it well too. Jasper has a referenced memory, so he remembers your past signs. However, Jasper has made it clear that it is not a research engine and that all output should be fact-checked.

Jasper Chat itself is free, but you need Jasper’s Boss or Business Plan to access all the features. The boss plan starts at $59 per month. It is not cheap at all, but it also gives you access to all of Jasper’s services. Get a 5-day trial to see if it is right for you.

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3. Character AI

When Chatsonic has a personality, the concept of this chatGPT option revolves around them completely. Character AI is based on neural language models and has been trained from ground up with a view to communication. However, the character that separates is that users can choose from different personalities instead of interacting with a single AI chatboat.

The home page is full of different characters and includes many people, including Elon Musk, Tony Stark and Socrates, to Joe Biden and Kanye West. The best thing is that AI replaces the way it communicates based on the person you have chosen. So when Kanye gave me arrogant answers, the conversation with Socrates was quite quiet. Character AI also has microphone input and also speaks in a different voice depending on the character.

Making a character is very pleasing because you can go with it, design it according to you. I can decide not only the names of the characters but also their greetings, sounds, descriptions and their avatar. AI has a built-in image generator to create avatar. Once done, you can start chatting immediately and even share it with others.

However, I have noticed that Character AI is a little slower than ChatGPT and other similar services. He’s not terribly sluggish, but I saw AI completing his sentences. But, as time goes by, I think it will improve with more user data. Character AI is free to use, but you need to create an account because a few messages are then locked up.

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4. YouChat

YouChat is Alternative of ChatGPT ,built in a search engine of the same name at the moment. Trained on the upgraded large language ChatGPT model, YouChat is able to communicate with full access to the Internet. This connectivity means that the boat stays up to date with the latest information, and therefore, gives accurate answers not only in the chat but also with search results.

Talking to YouChat is as easy as it likes. Just go to the chat page and type your query to start chatting. What works like HatGPT and can provide a variety of information. When you can just talk to him, youChat can write code, advise, break complex concepts, Can summarize books and do a lot. However, once every time the boat gets out and just mentions that it can’t get the answer right now.

The butt also lacks any additional features such as mic input, chat sharing or personality. However, it makes its updated information for it with the bank, which is great. YouChat is completely free to use, so you just need to visit the website and start chatting.

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5. OpenAI Playground

From the beginning, it is worth noting that the OpenAI Playground is a tool that is not for daily users. However, if you find yourself lock out from ChatGPT and still want to taste its abilities, OpenAI Playground is the way to go. This web-based tool works like ChatGPT but offers many more advanced options, including the ability to choose a specific language model to experiment with.

Once you choose the model, you can tinker with other factors such as the randomness of the model, the number of tokens, frequency penalty, stop sequence and more. As you can say right now, OpenAI Playground is not something that is plug-and-play and is for everyday users. However, those who know what they are doing and want to experiment with different models before creating the AI tool provide plenty of customization.

OpenAI Playground is the equivalent of its output chatGPT and offers a good experience of real service, as the only demo version of the ChatGPT service. You can try some of the coolest ChatGPT prompts mentioned in this article. Butt takes input and provides an accurate adequate response based on language modl. This chatboat demo also supports speech-to-text inputs, and you can also upload audio recording.

Unlike some AI botto, the playground does not slow down and responds to the fly. It’s also free to use, if you sign up for an account. If you can’t access ChatGPT, try the OpenAI playground. However, keep in mind that if the server demand is higher you can lose access just like ChatGPT or Alternative of ChatGPT.

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