AI Empowered Marketing: Skyrocket Your Success with 15 Free AI Tools

Your digital marketing plan might be completely changed by AI tools, which will also help your success soar to new heights. AI (Artificial intelligence) has changed the game in a number of businesses in the rapidly developing internet age of today. Particularly popular are its uses in marketing, which present fresh viewpoints and quicken workflow. The best 15 free AI tools that can revolutionize your digital marketing approach will be covered in this blog post.

Top 15 free AI tools for digital marketing


Discover how AI function revolutionizes surveys and forms by streamlining. The creation of forms, generating questions and answers, and improving the user experience all at no extra cost. Link

2. Semrush

Semrush is “Unleashing Artificial intelligence for Advanced Marketing Insights. Discover how Semrush uses AI to provide important marketing insights, keyword research, SEO, PPC, competitive analysis, and content marketing solutions across all of its services. Link

3. Bing AI

An intelligent search engine is Bing AI. Learn more about Microsoft’s Bing AI, a potent search engine that uses AI to deliver precise responses to user queries while providing users with a seamless search experience and exclusive sources. Link

4. Notion

Notion Boosting Content Quality and Productivity with AI. Learn how Notion, a flexible productivity tool, helps content producers manage their tasks, write articles without making mistakes, and establish content strategies all within a single application. Link

5. Jasper

Explore how Jasper uses AI to produce high-quality blog posts, articles, and introduction texts on any desired topic, requiring little to no information from the user in Jasper AI-Powered Content Generation Made Easy. Link

6. Anyword

 Crafting Engaging Messages with Artificial intelligence. Discover how Anyword use NLP skills help to produce captivating social media posts, emails, and ads, providing the most relevant and persuasive messaging for target audiences. Link

7. GetResponse

Automating Affiliate Marketing and Mailing Processes. To see how GetResponse offers affiliate marketing opportunities, streamlines mailing procedures, and enables seamless automation to help marketers manage client data more efficiently. Link

8. Scaleo

Scaleo Efficient Affiliate Programmer Management with Artificial intelligence. Discover how Scaleo cloud-based affiliate platform empowers marketers to manage affiliate programmers for their brands effectively by enabling them to track collaborations and performance. Link


Learn how AI writing assistant helps create interesting blog posts, educational content, and articles to help advertisers stand out in search engine results by reading Artificial intelligence Writing Assistant for Engaging Content. Link

10. AI-Powered Visuals and Email Workflow Optimizations. Learn how offers a personalized experience and useful insights for organizations while assisting marketers in the creation of images, email campaigns, and process optimization. Link

11. Brevo

Learn how Brevo streamlines email and SMS marketing operations by providing an intuitive user interface and drag-and-drop functionality, allowing marketers to work more quickly and effectively. Link

12. MailChimp

The phrase MailChimp Effortless Email Content Creation with Artificial intelligence. Discover how MailChimp uses artificial intelligence to streamline email marketing by providing automated content development and email campaign performance analysis, ensuring effective engagement. Link

13. Flick

Discover how Flick improves social media management with AI-powered capabilities like hashtag tracking, generation, post-editing, and content creation, allowing marketers to maximise their social media presence. Link

14. Influencity

Learn how Influencity makes influencer marketing possible by putting brands in touch with the right influencers and offering a vast database for streamlined collaboration. Link

15. ContentStudio

ContentStudio Fueling Social Media Growth with Artificial intelligence. Discover how ContentStudio Artificial intelligence-driven tools, such as content calendar creation, caption templates, and hashtag suggestions, enable marketers to plan and manage social media content. Link

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