Bixby Text Call: Effortless Phone Conversations in India

The clever function that enables your phone’s AI assistant Bixby, to handle conversations by turning your typed responses into speech has been pushed out by Samsung India as Bixby Text Call. It was first introduced early this year and is now available on more Samsung devices, however it can only communicate in English at the moment.

The rundown on Bixby Text Call is as follows: Say you are unable to answer a call because you are in a noisy café or meeting. With the help of this feature, it responds on your behalf. The person making the call hears Bixby’s voice, not yours, and you can read what they’re saying in real time, much like with movie subtitles. After that, you can type a response, and Bixby will say it to the caller.

How can I activate a text call on Bixby?

Step 1: Launch the Phone app, select More Options by clicking the three dots, and then select Settings.

Step 2: Locate and activate Bixby Text Call. If required, download the language pack.

Step 3: Adjust the parameters to your preference, selecting Bixby’s voice and configuring fast answers to frequently asked queries.

How is Bixby Text Call used?

1) Press the Text Call button on Bixby and drag the green symbol upward.

2) It will inquire as to the caller’s identity and reason for calling.

3) Their response will appear as text.

4) Send a brief reply or type a personalised message, then click Send.

5) Do you want to use a standard call instead? Simply press “Voice call.”

6) Is the chatting over? To end the call, tap “End call.”

At the moment, a number of Samsung smartphones are compatible with Bixby Text Call. These include models from the Galaxy Fold and Flip series, the S and Note series, and several models from the A series.

Thus, if you’re using a modern Samsung handset, you may have discovered a new method for managing calls without ever speaking.

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