ChatGPT 4 Powered By Bing Chat Rolling To All Users For Free: How to Use?

How To Use ChatGPT 4 For Free?

Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence Bing is slowly spreading among all users. The company first introduced Bing AI, or Bing Chat, in a limited beta last month. Users had to subscribe to a wishlist to access an AI-powered chatbot similar to the viral chatbot ChatGPT. According to Windows Central, Bing AI is slowly rolling out to all users, although they should make sure they have a Microsoft ID. Microsoft also allows users to sign in with their phone numbers.

The report notes that new users can still be invited to join the wishlist. After selecting this option, users must sign in with their Microsoft ID for instant access. However, some our Tech members were unable to access Microsoft, while others had been able to access Bing chat almost two weeks after joining the waitlist.

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To access Bing Chat, open Bing in your browser and select Chat in the top left corner. Seems to work in Edge browser. Once accessible, users will be able to use the new ChatGPT-4 technically for Free. ChatGPT developer OpenAI unveiled the Large Language Model (GPT-4) LLM earlier this week but said access was limited to ChatGPT Plus subscribers.

Microsoft, which also invested in OpenAI, said the GPT-4 Technology combined with Microsoft Bing’s proprietary rating tools drives chat. This means users can use GPT-4 on Bing for free. Next-gen LLM technology powering Bing and ChatGPT AI can provide smarter, more accurate answers. OpenAI claims that GPT-4 can even parse images.

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It can help users identify objects or translate texts in an image. However, image recognition and analysis are not yet widely available, and OpenAI is currently testing this capability with a partner.

How to ChatGPT4 powered by Bing AI.. Here You Go!

One more incredible advantage of utilizing Bing simulated intelligence or Bing Talk is that the device is accessible on the authority Bing application for Android and iOS. On the other hand, ChatGPT is available through the browser, although not widely available for new customers to upgrade their ChatGPT Plus OpenAI subscription. Microsoft is also extending Bing Chat to its services like Word, Skype, and Teams.

It should be noted that Microsoft also introduced a new tool called Microsoft 365 Copilot that helps users with everyday tasks like composing and sorting emails and creating presentations. 365 Copilot is a high level remote helper that can investigate your information and archives to assist you with accomplishing your everyday objectives

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According to Microsoft, it is based on GPT-4 OpenAI, Microsoft 365 Suite tools and Microsoft Graph. 365 Copilot is currently available to select users and may take some time before it is generally available.

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