How to Block YouTube Ads on Your Android TV

The experience of watching YouTube videos continues to deteriorate, especially when using a android TV. Prepare yourself for an increasing number of unskippable 30-second ads before your video even starts. To make matters worse, YouTube might start showing you ads even when you pause a video.

Fortunately, there are two solutions to escape this annoyance: either pay for YouTube Premium (which may not be appealing to everyone) or find a better alternative to the YouTube app.

Opt for an app that blocks YouTube ads on your smart TV

For Android TV-enabled devices, SmartTubeNext is an app that lets you remove advertisements on YouTube. It works with a wide range of gadgets, including Chromecast-equipped devices, Amazon Fire TV streaming sticks, Xiaomi’s Mi Box, Nvidia Shield, and other Android TV streaming boxes.

You can follow the installation instructions on the GitHub page for SmartTubeNext as long as your device is supported.

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You only need to manually install the app once, as it can update itself afterward. SmartTubeNext effectively blocks all ads on YouTube and even integrates the SponsorBlock extension.

This feature enables you to skip ad reads and sponsored segments within videos created by your favorite YouTube content creators.

Additionally, SmartTubeNext offers free picture-in-picture mode, which is perfect for multitasking while watching YouTube videos alongside other apps, such as streaming a live sports game.

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The app supports casting and voice search as well. For device-specific setup instructions, refer to the GitHub page.

It’s worth noting that SmartTubeNext serves as a replacement for the YouTube app only and cannot substitute for the YouTube TV app used to watch live TV channels. While SmartTubeNext may lack the polished interface of Google’s official offering, it’s a small price to pay for eliminating ads, especially considering their worsening prevalence over time.

Consider YouTube Premium at a discounted price

If SmartTubeNext doesn’t work on your device, you can explore the option of subscribing to YouTube Premium, but with a workaround to obtain a better deal. Use a reliable VPN and enable private browsing mode on your browser to search for the best offers from other countries.

For instance, YouTube Premium expenses under $2 each month in nations like Argentina, India, and Turkey, rather than the $12 each month in the US.

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You can permanently say goodbye to advertising by signing up for YouTube Premium from one of these regions.

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