Orangutan Gaming’s 5-man Valorant Roster to Compete in 140,000 Prize Pool South Asian Tournament Co-Hosted by Riot Games and Nod win Gaming

The Valorant Orangutan Gaming 5-player roster will compete in the 140,000-player South Asian tournament co-hosted by Riot Games and Nodwin Gaming

Valorant Domestic League in India.

Orangutans got slot in the Valorant Challenger South Asia, held in Delhi, India. This occasion is co-facilitated by Riot Games and Nodwin Gaming in India The participation of
orangutans in this competitive tournament is accompanied by a brave team of 5 based in India. On January 21, 2023, Orangutan Gaming unveiled its new Valorant Men’s Roster for Illenium in grand style at the NSCI Dome in Mumbai.

With this unique revelation, every eSportsman’s dream comes true. With over 3,500 attending the event, Orangutan Gaming presented their new Valorant roster live in front of their fans. Atlas Skilltech University hosted the Illenium event at the NSCI Dome.

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Orangutan Gaming has renewed the roster of Valorant men and is ready for the upcoming Valorant National League in India. The squad consists of 3 Indian players and 2 Filipino players. All four players have always had a presence in India’s Valorant ecosystem, with a team called Enigma Gaming and the newest player coming from a Filipino organization called South Build.

Orangutan Gaming Valorant Roster Team member:

  • Sabyasachi “Antidote” Bose – India
  • Akram “Rawfiul” Virani – India
  • Rishi “RVK” Vijayakumar – India
  • Jon “Tesseract” Michael Piga – Philippines
  • Azis “Azys” Nandang – Philippines
  • Felipe “Skye” Lim – Singapore – Trainer
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Orangutan co-founder Jai Shah added, “At Orangutan, we’ve always seen Valorant as a gateway to an international audience. A team that can, and our new team is definitely one.” the best of them in India. We are ready for the challenge of going higher in the VCL SA Championship and look forward to Orangutan representing India globally at the ASCENSION TOURNAMENT

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