WhatsApp Channels on Android and iOS: A Complete Guide

In order to keep users informed, WhatsApp has launched its new Channels feature in India. This tool gives channel managers a place to post updates, news, and information without interfering with users’ private chats. The WhatsApp channel functionality will roll out gradually, according to the plan. Here is a detailed explanation of WhatsApp channels and how to use them.

Simply hit the ‘Updates’ option on your WhatsApp Home Screen and swipe down to access WhatsApp channels.

What is a WhatsApp Channel?

As easy as creating WhatsApp groups, creating WhatsApp channel is also simple. If you’ve downloaded the update that makes WhatsApp channels available and want to set one up for yourself, just follow these easy instructions.

Please be aware that not everyone currently has the option to establish channels. Watch this space for developments, but in the meanwhile, if you have the channel creation option, here’s what to do:

  • Navigate to the ‘Updates’ tab
  • Tap the addition sign (+) in the Updates tab, then choose “New Channel” from the menu
  • Add the profile photo and description for the channel after tapping “Get started”
  • Your WhatsApp channel will be created once you have entered all the necessary information and clicked “Create channel”
  • To ask individuals to join the channel, share the invite link via messages, emails, or the internet

How to Change the Channel Privacy Preferences

You have the option to select whether your channel should be secret or public when creating it. Here’s how to change your selection if you unintentionally choose the incorrect one when creating your channel:

At the top, click your channel’s name or photo.

  1. To access channel options, scroll down.
  2. Choose “Privacy settings”
  3. Depending on your preferences, change the privacy settings from private to public or vice versa.

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