The Nothing Ear wireless headphones (2) launched in India at under Rs 10,000, a segment where many brands excel by offering users a premium experience at an affordable price. The latest Nothing headphones are priced at Rs 9,999 in the country. It will compete with Oppo Enco X2, OnePlus Buds Pro 2 and others. Is the new Nothing Ear (2) worth the price, or should you consider other options? Read on to find out.But first, let’s look at the specs.

Nothing Ear (2): Specifications

Nothing Ear (2) supports Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). The headphones feature 11.6mm drivers with a new dual-chamber design for better overall sound quality. It also supports LHDC 5.0, which allows you to listen to certified tracks in high resolution. It cannot be said that his new ear headphones (2) allow up to 36 hours of music playback when the charging case is fully charged without ANC. The wireless headphones are IP54 waterproof and the charging box is IP55.

Nothing Ear (2) Review in 5-Point Rating: Worth your money?

  • One reason somebody ought to think about purchasing another Nothing Ear (2) is the great sound quality.It’s for the people who appreciate paying attention to bass-situated music. In our experience, you probably enjoy listening to pop and EDM music. In songs like Animal and Lean On we felt the beat and enjoyed listening to it. Whether running or training, the Nothing in-ear headphones are the perfect companion for your smartphone.
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  • The LHDC Bluetooth codec is also available to help you get a more detailed audio experience and I was able to hear instruments and compositions in detail.However, if your smartphone doesn’t support this codec, you’ll have to settle for AAC or SBC codecs, which can also help you provide a decent bitrate and sample rate. The average user won’t notice much of a difference and will likely enjoy the music.
  • Another reason is the solid battery life I got from the Nothing headphones. With the ANC off, I was able to use the TWS wireless headphones for over three days with 3-4 hours of use per day. That’s pretty impressive considering many headphones can’t last that long.
Nothing Ear 2 Review: Is it worth your money?
Nothing Ears 2
  • The Nothing Ear (2) also has one of the best designs out there and I’ll tell you why. Like its predecessor, the Ear (2) has a unique translucent design that is both stylish and practical.
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  • Case and headphones are not only compact, but also light. The fit was perfect for me too and I never worried about losing the headphones while running or doing strenuous activities. Everything together makes for a great experience.

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